Welcome, Hood Hampshire Honey

Hood Hampshire Honey has evolved around the excess produce given by the bees which Tracey Hood manages in her spare time as a hobby.

I started as a beekeeper in 2011 obtaining my first hive in 2012. My hobby has evolved into a small business from the produce the bees give me.

I currently run 20 colonies and the money I make is used to purchase equipment or whatever is required for my bees to remain healthy and productive.
” ~ Tracey Hood

From 20 colonies of bees in Southern Hampshire honey collected is individually extracted. Honey is not blended so that each jar of honey can be traced back to the location of the hive and when it was extracted. 

When did you start your business?

I have been selling honey for a number of years to friends and family, but due to the increase in my colonies the business started to develop in 2017 when I did my first event and it proved to be very successful and great fun.” 

What makes your business so unique/special?

I am very passionate about my bees and the business is my way of promoting what bees do, produce and how important they are to sustaining life on earth.” ~ Tracey Hood

Find Hood Hampshire Honey regularly at Romsey Farmers’ Market.

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