Our top tips for getting the most out of a trip to your local Hampshire Farmers’ Market.

1. Arrive early.

Markets tend to be less crowded right when they open and just before they close. Try going to your market at different times to figure out the best time for you. For the best selection, go to the farmers market early. Popular goods often sell out before the day is done. Our markets open at 10am, with the exception of Winchester at 9am.

2. Get to know farmers & producers.

A huge benefit of visiting one of our markets is talking to the farmers who cultivate the food on your table. All questions are welcome! Where the farm is located? What else do they produce? What is their favourite way to cook a specific item? 

3. Understand what’s in season.

Get to know what’s in season here in Hampshire. For example, you won’t find asparagus in the winter.

Click here to view our seasonality chart. Talk to our friendly and knowledgeable growers about what will be coming to market in upcoming weeks.

4. Come prepared.

Make sure everything gets home safety by using your own sturdy canvas or nylon bags. You might want to bring a shopping cart if you anticipate a large haul. It’s helpful to bring small change, especially if you plan on arriving early.

5. Be flexible.

Although it helps plan your purchases at the farmers market… You may need to leave a bit of wiggle room for cherries you didn’t know would be at market so early, or the Kohl Rabi that catches your eye.

Trying new things is part of the fun of going to farmers markets!

We hope you use these tips inspire you to shop with us this weekend.

Thank you to everyone who visits, for you allow us to run such diverse and award-winning farmers’ markets across Hampshire.

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