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Traditional Soap Recipe by Blue Leaf Soap Ministry

“My father’s favourite soap, which was used for hundreds of years in Europe; a traditional soap.”



-250g lard

-250g beef dripping

-165g water

-65.5g lye



-safety goggles, gloves, mask, apron

-2 containers (1 double wall, 1 good quality glass or plastic jug)

-silicon spatulas for mixing


-moulds (tubs, silicon mould)

-electric blender (optional)

-clean cloth or paper towel



1. Measure the fats in a double wall container and slowly melt it over the stove.

2. In a different  container (glass or plastic), measure the water, then measure the lye (safety googles, gloves, mask!) and add the lye to the water (never reverse).

3. Slowly stir it (open window or good air conditioning).

4. When both the lye solution and the melted fat are between 120-140 Fahrenheit (but there is no more difference then 10 Fahrenheit between them), slowly pout the lye solution into the fat.

5. Stir it until the texture becomes custard like (blender can be used intermittently).

6. Then pour it into moulds. Moulds can be clean plastic tubs, silicon cake moulds (do not use after the soap for cakes).

7. Insulate it under a warm blanket for 24 hours then unmold it after a few days.

8. Let it cure in a dry and airy place for at least 4 weeks.


Blue Leaf Soap Ministry

Natural, handmade, traditionally made soaps with herbs and essential oils for healthy skin.

“Blue Leaf Ministries is an expression of my faith, passion, creativity and personality.The currently published Blue Leaf Soap Ministry’s aim to provide natural soaps for supporting a healthy lifestyle and connect soul and spirit to the body. Our being is 3 fold, hence if we want to be healthy we must take care of all 3 dimensions and make sure they are in balance.”

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