Season: Autumn Winter 

Minute Venison Steak

Ingredients :

4 venison steaks *
Knob of butter *
1 tbsp rapeseed oil *
2 tbsps port
225g (8oz) redcurrant jelly *
100g (4oz) Old Winchester Cheese *
Salt & freshly ground pepper.


Method :

Make the sauce by simmering the port and redcurrant jelly together for about 5 minutes. Sieve and keep warm.

If the steaks are thick, place each steak between sheets of cling film and flatten to about 1⁄2” thick with a rolling pin.

Put a knob of butter and the rapeseed oil in a heavy frying pan. Heat until the butter has melted. Season the steaks, place in the pan and cook quickly on each side – according to preferred taste.

Serve each steak topped with a slice of local cheese of your choice, a little sauce and salad or chunky chips!



*  Available from your local producer at Hampshire Farmers’ Markets

(Recipe courtesy of game-to-eat)