Hood Hampshire Honey

28 Bassett Green Close, Bassett, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 3QS

Telephone:07717 507 432

, jamHood Hampshire Honey has evolved around the excess produce given by the bees which Tracey Hood manages in her spare time as a hobby. Her passion for these wonderful insects and the produce they give has developed into a small business which ensures that she can continued to keep her bees healthy and productive.

All her 20 colonies are in Southern Hampshire mainly located in Chilworth, Bassett, North Baddesley and Shirley. The honey collected is individually extracted and not blended so that each jar of honey can be traced back to the location of the hive and when it was extracted. The beeswax obtained is used to make candles and cosmetics.

Local honey is the best and remember that every penny will go back into ensuring the bees are kept in well maintained equipment, given any necessary treatments against diseases and pests and food to ensure a healthy existence which in turn ensures that they continue to pollinate and keep the human race well fed.

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