Beau Farm Cheese

Beaurepaire Park, Bramley, Tadley, Hampshire RG26 5EG

Telephone:07468 421 068

Beau Farm is a local farm in Hampshire. Their goats are free to roam & forage in the green fields of Hampshire. Deliciously unique and tasty dairy produce.

"Our goats are free to roam and free to forage in the lush green fields. We like to think that is the reason their milk tastes so heavenly. In fact, in our opinion the Greatest Of All Time. We offer a variety of goats cheeses: Brie, Soft Cheese, our award-winning Gouda and many more delicious selections."

Beau Farm Cheese bring the following to markets in Winchester and Petersfield; goat feta, brie, hard cheeses, gouda, cheddar, yoghurt, pasteurised milk, quail eggs, quail meat.

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