New Producer ~ Butler Country Estates

We are thrilled to introduce Butler Country Estates as official members of Hampshire Farmers’ Markets! 💚

The Butler Country Estates smokery lies in the heart of Hampshire, a few minutes from the River Test, Itchen and Meon, three of the world’s finest nutrient rich chalk streams. 

“Where better to get our name known, than at Hampshire Farmers’ Markets around the County. We’re looking forward to meeting all the wonderful foodies of Hampshire.”

~ Passionate fly fisherman, Richard Butler – the man behind the Butler Country Estates.

Richard’s interest and idea for Butler Country Estates was brought to life when some friends were having a dinner party and Richard offered to let them have some of his homemade, fresh caught trout pate.

He was a little taken aback when a few days later, people that had been at the dinner party started calling and asking if they could have some too. The rest as they say is history, and Butler Country Estates was born.

Trout is prepared, smoked, potted and packed within twelve hours of being caught.

Our patés are cured, smoked and made in house for freshness and flavour. We cure and smoke the fish with our unique blend of botanicals and wood chips, to then produce the paté in six different varieties, including fresh watercress, chives, dill, red pepper and chili. Not forgetting our Classic Plain.” ~ Richard Butler

Find Butler Country Estates at the following market locations:

📍 Alton High Street

📍 Winchester High Street

📍 Southsea, Palmerston Rd

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