Food Education in Local Schools

Thursday 24th & Friday 25th September

Hampshire Farmers’ Markets will be taking our workshops into schools during British Food Fortnight to introduce children to the sight, touch, smell and taste of a wide variety of foods. The children will be encouraged to think about how food gets to our plate.

The workshops are designed to be hands-on and fun whilst educational, bread making, smoothies and butter churning.

Food Education Workshop:

  • Year 6
  • 5 tables of 6 children
  • Duration:  75 minutes
  • 1pm – 2.15pm

Workshop to cover:

  • Food identification – a variety of fruits and vegetables and discuss with children
  • Food tasting – a taster of fruits, veg & fish, apple juice
  • Smoothie making – carrot juice
  • Butter making – taster with soda bread.
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