Welcoming Blue Leaf Soap Ministry!

Join us in welcoming Blue Leaf Soap Ministry as official members of Hampshire Farmers’ Markets! 🎉

Opened in 2017, and run by Erika Fazekas in Southampton; Blue Leaf Soap Ministry’s mission is to connect body, soul and spirit primarily through all natural, handmade skin care products.

Taking inspiration from her own family’s story, Erika started making soaps to honour her father, who couldn’t use conventional skin products.

My dad and his family were farmers and made everything at home, including soap. Women used the leftover animal fat, rendered it then mixed it with ash.

I grew up hearing that ‘there is no better soap in the world than the traditional tallow soap’.

 ~ Erika Fazekas

What makes your business so unique?
“My soaps were born from love & care, inspired by my loved ones, faith and professional knowledge. I use only natural ingredients, no preservatives, no synthetic fragrance or colourants.”

Blue Leaf Soap Ministry now boasts an impressive 9 varieties of Shea based soaps. Each of which aid different ailments such as skin repair, muscle soaks, sensitive skin and more.

Not only do we pamper the body, but the emotions and mind too. The carefully selected oils, butter, fats are mixed with herbs and essential oils for a purpose.”
 ~ Erika Fazekas

Find Blue Leaf Soap Ministries regularly at our markets in Southsea, Ringwood, Petersfield, and Winchester.

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