A Basing Bakes joins Hampshire Farmers’ Markets

We are thrilled to introduce A Basing Bakes as official members of Hampshire Farmers’ Markets! 💚

Helen set up A Basing Bakes in 2012, supplying local cafes in (you guessed it) Basingstoke.

Since then she has been experimenting with flavours and recipes; producing homemade delights including quiches, pies, sausage rolls, and cakes.

The decision to solely produce gluten free food 3 years ago was influenced by how popular the range was with customers. 

Their kitchen is a dedicated gluten free space, where they continue to develop new products and recipes.

“I had received feedback from customers that the choice of products available in the supermarkets was poor with the quality not much better. ” ~ Helen, A Basing Bakes

It’s easy to see why A Basing Bake‘s pastries are now their best-selling range.

In 2017 they were awarded 2 Stars in The Great Taste Awards, by the Guild of Fine Food, for their Leek & Tunworth Cheese Quiche.

In addition to winning Gold at The Great Hampshire Sausage & Pie Competition, for their Leek Ham & Tunworth Pie.

“Gluten free baking requires special skills and techniques. I feel that I have perfected one of the most difficult aspects of gluten free baking, that being pastry. This alone has seen some of my products win several Great Taste awards and many customers are now regulars as they know and like the products I make.” 
 ~ Helen, A Basing Bakes

Find A Basing Bakes regularly at our markets in Winchester, Romsey, and Petersfield.

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